SD Midi Controller tm
The Original Midi Controller that Pipe Organ Builders all over the World have been using since 2007
With Quality, 100% Reliably & Committed Service, we can assure you'll not find a better product available today!

Over the years, the SD Midi Controller has been used to control many amazing midi equipped devices, like the Giant Tesla Coil in Boston's Museum of Science:

It's also been the preferred choice over PC's & Laptops for controlling Midi equipped Robotic/Mechanical Animals & exhibits in many major theme parks around the globe that have to perform perfectly for 12 hours none stop every day!

Many live performing musicians also use the SD Midi Controller for backing tracks and with the decline in Church Organists over the years. Many today now use our system for recording and playback during services

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Picture Showing the Size against a normal Electronic Keyboard

Close up showing the layout and a track ready to play

Track Now Playing Showing Music File Name - Tempo & Transpose
Track Playing and Displaying KARAOKE Lyrics if present in the Midi File
Graphical Midi Monitor on Play or Record
View of the Front SD Memory Card Slot and Universal TV/DVD/VCR Remote Control Infrared SensorView of the rear Midi In / Out and 9v - 12v DC Connection

Free UK Special Delivery P&P is Included!
Free P&P via Air is also included for Overseas Buyers!

The Perfect Item for any Midi Controlled Device!

The items you are viewing have taken many years to design & develop in Germany and the UK.
As the original manufacture, we know others have tried to produce a similar controller in various forms!
They may even claim their items to be exactly the same and cheaper?

Sadly, like most things in life. Fakes & Copies have never been as good as the Original and the people behind this type of racketeering are often untrustworthy and disappear once they have your money!
We often receive messages from people asking us for help after purchasing such fake units, but like their sellers, they also disappear when we ask for more details!

Why is it so Unique and Special?

If you are a musician, organist or have any instrument that can be played via midi, then our small Handheld/Pocket Sized unit will not only give you the simple means to transport and play you music from a standard SD Memory card.
It will be also be a great replacement for other older floppy driven controllers, such as the Yamaha MDF2 or similar disc Midi Filers that require mains power all the time!

It's also VERY FAST To Use! A Midi file can be copied to an SD Memory card in the blink of an eye! Even 100 midi files will only take a few seconds! Track selection & play back is as quick as you can press the buttons!

The SD Midi Controller has the following unique features:

  1. Works with all well know universal �All in One� TV/VCR Remote Controllers (INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE!) So you can sit back and click away to play your music or use it on stage?
  2. We have even included Karaoke MIDI Lyric support! As you will see in the video, it will scroll the lyrics for you to sing along!
  3. You can store and play as many midi files your memory card will hold!* (*To allow up to 200,000 Files to be used we have given the unit Directory (Folder) support! Up to 255 files per folder so you can create your own folders eg. Pop New, Pop 80s, Rock, Classical, etc)
  4. Works with all quality SD/MMC card sizes, 32Mb, 64Mb, 128Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb or 2Gb).
  5. Scrolling 64 character midi file - song name support!
  6. One Button Skip Track and Fast, Comfort Scrolling Skip functions!
  7. In addition to just Play, you can Transpose your original midi track by + or � 24 semitones to a maximum 2 Octaves either way.
  8. Tempo of the original midi file can also be changed + or - 15 steps. Eg. A 120bpm track could be played up to 75bpm faster or slower. A 250bpm track could be taken up to 325bpm or down to 175 bpm.
  9. Repeat features include: : Off, Song (Play a single file and stops) NextWait (Plays a Song & queues next song) Dir Once (Play all files on the card ) All (Play all files on the card and repeats over again) Random (Random playing)
  10. Records what you are playing.
  11. *Graphical Midi Channel monitoring in both Play, Record or both modes. (Similar to a Graphics Equaliser) This utility has been removed temporarily and has been replaced with a midi activity indicator*
  12. Mute one or more of 16 tracks in a midi file.
  13. PP3 9V Battery or 9V Standard DC Mains Powered. (Worldwide Standard)
  14. Simple to Use, Just Press the buttons if you do not have a Remote handy.
  15. Lightweight design, only weighs around 210grams (8 Ounces) without Battery or 280g (10oz) with Battery .
  16. Size: 145mm Wide � 90mm Front to Back and 33mm High.
  17. Full EU RoHS Compliance! (RoHS Stands for "The restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment") It is now Illegal to sell None RoHS compliant equipment in the EU!

This SD Midi Controller or Data Filer is not just for musicians, it can be used to control any device that uses midi.

The unit has been extremely well tested and reviewed over many years! So, we are very proud to say "We have only ever had one manufacturing failure and that was 5 years ago when we first started manufacturing!"

Our Unit is fully GM (General Midi) compatible and will work 100% perfectly with all other Midi devices built to that Global Standard.
We know from experience that not all Church organs, some very early midi systems as well as a handful of midi decoder manufactures still do not share this common Global standard and may result in two very minor issues!
This is not a fault with our controller as we can not and will not deviate from a Global Midi Standard, but both issues can be worked around, while the others revise their None Standard Equipment.

Some Church organs do not automatically send out stop/voice or current play configuration when an organist wishes to record. As a result, No midi recording system in the World can record something that is not there!
To get around this issue, the organist will need to press record and then turn on or toggle the stops before playing. The organ will then send out the midi information and the organist can then play as normal. Everything will then be recorded and playback should be perfect.
Many organists do this stop/voice work in one or two bars, they can then use it as a timed lead in when play is pressed as there will then be a short one bar of silence. If you are familiar with editing midi files? Then you can edit out any delay in the midi file so playback is instant when you press play.

The only other known compatibility issue is with None GM Standard Devices leaving notes on when the pause function is used during play back.
Once again, this is not an issue with our unit as you will find it works perfectly on the cheapest, to the most expensive well known branded keyboards such a Yamaha made over the past 15 years! As with the record issue, this something we can not resolve as the organ or midi device does not recognise the standard GM commands "All Notes Off" and "All Sounds Off" Play will resume, but with all stops off as they will have coded stops to notes outside the keyboards range!

Over the years we have listened to all our buyers and made many enhancements which has resulted in our SD Midi Controller the most stable and trusted unit in the World.

We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support and reassuring compatibility testing they have done over the years on the following makes of electronic keyboards and synthesizers:

Yamaha - Roland - Korg - Kawai and Casio, as well as a few bespoke midi boards.

If you own a Yamaha Disklavier / Disclavier, Clavinova or have similar digital piano that supports the standard Midi 0 format, then you will find this unit perfect for playing Piano or Organ Midi's (NO MORE OLD FLOPPY DISKS OR HAVING TO WRITE CD's).


Items Included in all purchases are as follows:

A Universal "All in One" TV/DVD/VCR Remote Controller which is often different to the one shown! This remote controller is supplied FREE with instructions and included "as is" only to show the units Infra Red system works. It is useable, but some buyers may prefer to buy a more expensive controller that suits their personal requirements.

All batteries are included.

We also include a newer styled USD multi memory card reader that you may find useful for other card types.

Items not included - The Yamaha DGX500 and Memory Card

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